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Tiny Toyota Trucks Thursday*

Went to a hobby shop today looking for some materials for customs. When I saw this Hiace in a pack of four trucks it had to come home with me. Being made by Tomytec the details and quality are very good, especially when you see the size of this beast! I owned a 1:1 a long time ago and had a blast with it. It seated 13 so you can imagine the kind of stuff a bunch of 17-19 year old guys would do when in a vehicle not driven by their parents. One of those things was the cause of the van being pulled over by the police and forced into retirement. It was a sad day, idiot cousin....

These just amazing little trucks. At $22 AUD for the set they aren’t cheap but are very well done overall.


*The refrigerated truck is a Mitsubishi FUSO and the others are all Toyotas.

I told you it was tiny!! This is 1:150 or N scale in model train speak.

Thanks for looking!

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