I’ve been to three Walmart locations in the last two days, and I’ve come across some great stuff at two of them. The first, obviously being Cargo Carriers. Those have been hitting both Walmart and Target.

But, the other things that have been showing up are HW’s G case models (Super is the Tooned ‘68 Mustang, regular TH is the Rrroadster), and Matchbox’s B case.

But, the most notable about the B case models...they’re not showing up on cards, they’re showing up in new boxes of their Power Grabs, so they’re in the more classically traditional cardboard boxes.

Anyway, this assortment includes the new F-350 Super Duty and the Colorado Xtreme, along with the new police Corvette, Matchbox Confectionery Austin Mini Van, and the ‘70 Plymouth ‘Cuda.