This here little beauty is a 1988 F31 Nissan Leopard Ultima Turbo. In its hayday, this was luxury and shared a platform with the legendary R31 Skyline. This was the second generation of Nissan Leopards and was only available as a coupe. This model would have been equipped with either a 2.0 turbo charged v6 or a 3.0 turbo charged V6 making between 200 and 255 horsepower. The F31 began production in 1986 and ended 7 years later due to sales declining, where the Y32 Leopard would run for 4 years and be a bit of a sales flop, but that’s another story for another time when I find a model Y32. I shot this guy on my balcony because I was having an incredibly hard time getting it in focus in my normal spot. This was as close as I could get here before the blur set in. Next time I’ll have to bring some extra magnifying lenses out with me. I plan to reshoot all of my TLV models at some point though so I’ll keep that in mind for later.