Picked up this playworn Toyota Celica about a month ago for $0.50 from a loose diecast bin. I finally have a replacement battery for the old power drill coming later this week! Thought I’d take some photos before the upcoming makeover/conversion into my cousin’s 1:1.


The base doesn’t have the manufacturer name but does say “6011", “Toyota Celica”, and “China”.


I think it’s a MotorMax based on the wheels but it could be a Maisto or some other budget brand. It feels really cheap but maybe it’s just the illusion caused by the wheels. I already have the ideal donor wheels in mind. The casting itself is actually really good with lots of detail casted in.

Anyone have any tips for my first true custom? Cheap household paint strippers, how deep to drill the rivets, whether I need to polish the bare metal body, whether to use primer, how many layers of paint, how to attack below the flow-through spoiler, when to sand the paint, how to smooth out the windows, how to detail silver headlights on a body that’s already silver (chrome?), etc. I’ve tried my hand on 1/24 plastic kits but not 1/64.

Or should I just slow down, put this on hold, and work on something less meaningful first to build experience? I mean, this might become my 1:1 once my cousin replaces his car.