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Big things with little cars
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To DLM or not to DLM... or to contact Greenlight (Updated again)

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Update 2: Called IndyCar. They’re sending me a replacement.

I was on hold for a few minutes and then I told the woman on the line that the car I ordered was damaged. She asked for an order number and said they’d get a replacement in the mail ASAP.


She said I could probably keep the damaged one “to play with” but she’d have to ask her manager if the replacement would be shipped with a call ticket. I guess the ticket is a bit like a return shipping label. If there’s no ticket in the box, I get to keep both.

Hopefully the replacement is in better shape.


Update: Greenlight says contact for returns and/or exchanges. :\


There aren’t that many options in the U.S. for open-wheel diecasts in 1:64, so I’ll usually take whatever I can get. That being said, I had high expectations for the new Greenlight IndyCar casts.


However I was a little dissapointed when the JPM Indy 500 winner cast I ordered arrived. Overall it’s a nicely detailed cast , but the casting for the rear pods is no bueno. As you can see, the pods are twisted to a point where the base of the pod will rub against the tires if I were to take it out and roll it.

It doesn’t look like anything was bent to cause this, it looks like that’s just how the casting was shaped. I’d love to open it up to see if I can’t just jimmy it a bit and get it to sit right (I was probably going to DLM anyway), but if I need to return it to GL for a replacement, maybe I shouldn’t open it?


Does anybody have any experience with GL customer service? Would they replace this?

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