Big things with little cars

Today was a good day

They’re here, guys. They’re finally here. The Gran Turismo series has arrived. I saw them yesterday at my Walgreens. There was only one set plus an extra R32+Huayra. Not sure what I’m gonna do with those yet. Nonetheless, you should all bolt to your nearest Walgreens and check out the toy isle before scalpers get wind of this.


Then I took a trip to Target and found myself a Black CSL. Looks better than the white one, that’s for sure. From Ebay we also have 2 P1s and a Pontiac-Effing-Banshee? What’s a Pontiac Banshee anyway? Who cares, I have one.

And then there was also this. This is another one I’ve been waiting a long time for. It was the only one at Target so I took it.....and I’m gonna give it to my dad when he gets home because I’ll be getting one of these and more in a trade soon. Still, the model looks great in person so far. Can’t wait for them to become more commonplace so I can get like 10 of them.

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