Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Today was a good K-day...

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Went to Kmart in Manhattan today, and found most of what I was looking for. I went with a friend, and we got the last 3 mainline 510s (I didn't realize they were so rare), along with a few 934s and others. Mine is the one in the middle, I just took the chrome off of the wheels. My friend took all of the decals off except for the JNC logo, which looks surprisingly good. Unfortunately I didn't find the Super 510; we must have missed whoever got them by moments, because they had just finished putting the cases out when we got there. I'm gonna keep looking around for it though, prices on ebay are still ridiculous. Normally I don't much care looking for supers, but I've wanted the 510 desperately since the first pictures were shown.


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