Big things with little cars

Got both of these AUTOarts at Fastlane/Designs in Motion Diecast in St Charles Missouri. I spent $178 in total, and it was money well spent!


The Toyota Aristo V300, better known to Americans as the Lexus GS300, was only $40 (with Greg’s usual discount). I got it solely because it’s the 1/18 counterpart to my 1:1.

My car (also a pic from today):


The Maybach 62 was a far better deal In my opinion, $120(!!!). A quick ebay search shows that most go for $250+.

I also got a 1/87 Motormax Fresh Cherries 1981 Ford Escort, but forgot to get pics of it. Oh well, it probably deserves a post of it’s own.

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