Today's HAWL, including some Trade Bait

Ran into a somewhat-fresh dump bin today and found these. I know from first-hand experience that new cases get put on Tuesday night around 9-10 PM at my local Walmart, but I didn’t have the time then. So I guess these are the “leftovers” from Tuesday night. Not bad I must say. I believe I’m just missing the 3.0 CSL from this case, but LaLD’s got me covered on that anyways. I did the scalpers a favor and picked up the Z4 with the jacked up card because that’s getting cracked open by me for sure. The extras are for trade (the 2002 is also an extra as I’m receiving it in a trade with MustangFan), so let me know if you need them!

I haven’t opened any of these as of yet, but that Time Attaxi is most intriguing. Not sure if I’ll be keeping it in the long run, but I like what I’m seeing so far. The red STi is killer, and I love the gold wheels. The Z4 is much improved over the grey one from the BMW series. The others are kind of “meh”, so I’ll think about whether I want to open them. If you want any of those, just let me know. I’ll keep them carded for now.


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