Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Today's Hot Wheels HAWL (and some HWEP fodder)

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...including some more trade bait. Found these at Walmart, arriving just in time to see a fresh new cases being opened. Of course, there were other collectors there already, which is always the case here in SoCal, but it’s OK because they don’t mind letting you have what you want. Didn’t check for any $upers, because frankly I don’t care for that ugly Camaro funny car, but I’m very happy to now have the silver Outlaw that everyone’s been freaking out about, as well as that CR-X. Both of them have been very elusive for me at Target because, as you know, scalpers love that fancy cardboard.


The Satellite was the lone Stars & Stripes model I found in the back of the pegs. When I picked it up, I noticed something different, in that it was super heavy. I checked and sure enough, metal base. Rang up at two dollars and change, which I totally did not expect (thought they were the same as mainlines). However, the metal base does make it worth it to me. If anyone wants it, I’m open to trading it. If not, I’m cracking that sucker.

Extra Hurst Olds from Target also for trade bait. It seems to be the 2nd most popular casting of the retro series behind the Toyota truck which, by the way, I still have lots of that are up for grabs. Extra Outlaws and CR-X’s also up for grabs. Hit me up if you need ‘em!

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