Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Today in "insanely over priced models" Frankfurt IAA edition.

Haven’t been around awhile, but here’s a quick post from my adventure today. Visiting Frankfurt again and my 3rd time at IAA. Bugatti had 1:43 models for the Vision concept and the Chiron at €250 each!!! I was bummed when I was here 2 years ago and saw the vision in person and they had no models, now they have them and it’s wayyy over budget for a single car. Also worth noting that a 1:18 model Chiron with opening doors and such was only €50.

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Porsche also ran out of the 1:43 Frankfurt IAA 2017 edition GT2 RS, but wouldn’t ya know it, the diecast vendors have plenty available for almost double what Porsche was selling them for! Scumbaggery at its finest.

I’ll make a longer post with pics of what I did buy and an update to the collection at the end of my trip.

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