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Tomica 50th Anniversary Releases

in 2020, Tomica will turn 50 years old - and to commemorate that, there will be some special releases starting in December. Unlike the 30th Anniversary releases though, these will be new castings - it’s just that they look like the old ones. Kind of. The model selection will be familiar to most here, they are of course the first 6 models Tomica made in 1970:

Nissan Bluebird SSS


Toyota Corona Mark II Hardtop

Toyota Crown Super Deluxe


Toyota Crown Patrol Car


Toyota 2000GT


Nissan Fairlady Z432


I had hoped for some releases of more obscure castings that are hard to come by and haven’t been re-released already. With any luck, Tomica will give us a few rarities as the year 2020 progresses. Here’s hoping.

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