New Tomica alert! The long-awaited Mercedes AMG GT R is here! And it’s lovely....!

The green paintjob has a matte finish, so it’s actually quite nice to hold. Detailing is superb as usual, same goes for the crisp casting. Opening doors are standard, though I didn’t post a picture of the car with the doors open. Springy doors, with no problems snapping back into place. Wheels are blah, but since the 1:1 car comes with black wheels, it only seems fitting for Tomica to put their usual black wheels for this supercar.

I’ve posed it alongside the Hot Wheels version, and they’re quite closely even in scale. Tomica claims the GT R’s scale is 1/65, and I reckon Hot Wheels’s scale is thereabouts, so yeah... good one to add to the 1/64 collection!

Of course, Tarmac Works are also going to release their take on this Kermit Green monster, so I’ll be awaiting to see if that will be worth getting to put alongside this already-decent Tomica version.

The two AMG GTs with my Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team cap. It would only be appropriate, no?



Classic grille harks back to the 300SL gullwing...
WING..... GT (R) WING!


Horribly misaligned grille tampo for the HW Merc. Poor QC; wonder when Mattel will shift mainline production to Thailand. Malaysia really do such poor work. As a Malaysian, this is disgraceful!

Thank you for viewing!

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