Weekend again!

This time it is the companion for the incredible Porsche Carrera 2.7 in Tomica Premium lineup; the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III.

A little bit of a history behind this modern classic: Mitsu started dropping nuclear bombs under the hood of little Lancers from 1992 to go rallying, and out came the third incarnation in 1995. Visually it was not too different from its predecessors, which shared the same platform. Beefed up aerodynamics meant the front air vents were larger and airdams were sized up too. The bigger changes happened within, with the engine gaining more power (around 10 bhp) thanks to some mods to the internals which included a larger turbo.

The Evo III will forever be etched to WRC history thanks to Tommi Makinen, who drove one to his first WRC title in 1996. That started a WRC blaze for Mitsi which ran through to 1999, concluding with four successive driver’s titles and one manufacturer’s title (won thanks to Makinen and late Richard Burns). The switch to WRC cars from Group A did not do Mitsubishi any favours and by mid 2002 they were effectively out of competition.

The Evo III in its heydays. Image credits - http://www.snaplap.net/


Aesthetically it is quite the perfect rally car for me. Boxy, and not too boxy, compact and crazy as hell with those aero attachments.

Thankfully Tomica spilled its magic powder on the car and boom, we have an affordable 1:64 with killer details.

The side airdams have the Evo III badging intact!


Don’t like to be a crybaby but seriously Tomica should get its Premium wheels right :( It is the only little shortcoming in this otherwise perfect little car.



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