TakaraTomy seem to have changed their updates policy recently. At the moment, we are getting dribs and drabs rather than one monthly announcement. Which I find a bit annoying. But here is what we know for sure so far:

New Tomica Premium for November - Subaru BRZ R&D Sport. What’s not to love?

New #66: Hiroshima Street Car - I really like it.

There will also be a new #64 - but we aren’t told yet what that will be. But word is that it will be a new GT-R GT500. Can’t wait for that if true.


And there will also be a new “Premium RS” model - a new line of Tomica Premium models in 1/43 - with all opening parts. Once again the Tomica website is quiet on that one, but we already know it will be a Countach LP500.

And a late announcement for October is the Nissan GT-R Police car.


I love me a Japanese Police car, so I’m all good with that too.

Further down the road, there’s talk of a Ferrari Gift Set and a McLaren casting, so it sounds like the boys from Osaka are revving up big time. Bring It On!