Tomica Premium Nissan Leopard Review

Scale: 1:63

Price retail: 800 yen (around NZ$10)

Features: Opening doors and spring suspension

I quite like this casting, nicely proportionate, great detail and it doesn’t suffer in the playability department and it rolls perfectly. You might notice door gaps and the lack of side mirrors, but I can imagine the Mirrors weren’t included due to either toy safety or simply because they would be fiddly and fragile.

The wheels are Plastic and come in two pieces and they roll really well, also they are Prototypical so they are realistic to the real car.

It has a plastic base yet it still feels like the quality is high. really this is similar to what Matchbox might be trying to do with their premium opening features lineup.

This model was released in 2017 but they are still making them today. Unlike Mattel, Tomica doesn’t release their stuff in batches.


Basically, this is a Highly detailed toy that can be played with compared to say a TLV which is designed to be an adult collectible.