Big things with little cars

Tomica Releases for September 2019 - a return to core values

No Supercars, no Skylines, “just” very traditional Tomica subject matter. And I, for one, am quite happy about that. First up is the new #114 - the Toyota Century. Yeah! And I want both colors, please.


Then there is the #110 Toyota Camry Sports - more than a little common on my local streets, and in a lot of other places too. Bread and butter for sure, but hey, at least it’s the “Sports” with the rear spoiler.

And then there is the new #139 Live Stock Carrier - right up my ally too. Instead of a small truck with pigs, we get a larger one with cows. Love it.


I am sure all of you Ferrari and McLaren fans will get more later in the year, but September I get what I like.

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