I’ve been stalking Tomica Suzuki Wagon R’s on the ‘bay for quite a while. Finally, one popped up that tugged at my heart strings immediately. I couldn’t hit “buy it now” fast enough. My finger flew through my tablet and poked the cat in the eye (exaggeration).

Always a favorite pick for me in the beginning stages of Gran Turismo, this bonkers little Kei Car can haul it around the corners like a screaming banshee on RedBull. <3

Tomica, as always, just knocks it out of the park again. The details are terrific (one tampo it a little wonky). The Silver paint is just perfect. Proportions appear to be spot on and the red interior compliments the overall appearance really well. If we had these in the U.S. I would buy 10 of them and I would daily drive all of them.