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Tomica Thursday

The girlfriend ordered a few surprises for me, and these came via China Post today.

Tomica Cool Drive series
The CZ4A EvoX Lancer. I knew these were budget models going into this because of the blacked out windows.
The R35 GT-R Nissan. What I didn’t know was that the bodies were plastic and there is not suspension that I love about Tomica.
What is cool is that they still use the button wheel after all these years. Just imagine if Matchbox still used the eight dot or if Hot Wheels still used the old school mag on mainlines and not just Hot Ones or Flying Customs. Anyway, these are cool castings that I’m happy to have.

NOTE: I’m working on an obscure brand post but school has been particularly unrelenting the last couple weeks. One will be posted soon!

Thanks for reading!

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