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Tomica Thursday

Let’s set aside the big boy toys for a second and dive into something a little.....unusual.

But first, I need to not-so-subtly flex some Skylines in the background before we begin.

What I have for today is the Tomica hyakunin isshu set. As per the description on HLJ:

“Tomica’s popular cars get a redesign based on the Hyakunin Isshu, a collection of classic Japanese “waka” poems written by 100 different poets! Order today, and enjoy a unique Japanese spin on the Toyota Crown and more beloved cars!”

‘Nuff said. There are four poems in total (wait, it took 100 poets to write 4 poems?), with the lines printed on the hood bonnet of each car, as shown in the lead photo. But you probably didn’t come here for the literature (and neither did I), so let’s talk cars.


What you’ll notice right off the bat is that all of these castings are based on street cars - no “service” vehicles that Tomica likes to throw in with most of their box sets. Four castings, two different designs for each of them. The models here are the Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R, Nissan Fairlady Z34, Toyota Crown, and Toyota Mark X. If you ask me, that’s a pretty solid lineup for most collectors. I was sold on the Nissans alone - I have a crapload of Tomica’s 370Z releases and ultimately decided I needed these two as well.

White lightning!

Obviously, realism isn’t the purpose of these models. They’re like miniature pieces of art, fusing traditional Japanese patterns with an assortment of pastel colors. Visually, I think these are pretty cool and would look great on display. The body paint is a matte finish. Front and rear lights are painted in standard Tomica style, but there are no logos or badges present. The colors of the wheels and tires differ between the front and the rear. The interior also receives a touch of color. You could swap one of these cars with a GL or M2 and have dumb scalpers everywhere thinking they’ve found a chase.

$uper chase!
Ultra rare!

Being the only vintage car of the group, it’s no surprise that the deco works best on the Skyline. Overall, bias or not, the Nissans are the stars of the set. I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is, but the Toyotas are missing something. Perhaps its the bland family car syndrome. Or the fact that I don’t particularly care for those castings.

Lightning Strike!
Raw chase!

I also think it’s a bit redundant to have both the Mark X and the Crown in the set given that they are such similar cars. I personally would’ve gone with one of their vans for some extra variety. Imagine an Alphard pimped out in pink and flowers. Mmmmmmmm.....

Green machine!
Very limited LOOK!

Anyways, that concludes today’s small car feature. Back to regularly scheduled 1/18's in a couple days. Or do you guys want to see more 1/64's?

Let me know!

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