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Tomica Thursday: Event Model

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these, Tomica Event Models are exactly as described: models you can only get at their events. They cost about twice as much as a regular Tomica, with no real added details, but each of them have the “Tomica Event Model” designation printed somewhere on the car and, I assume, are way more limited than any of the regular Tomica products.

Today’s Tomica feature is the Nissan GT-R R35.


I know I’ve said this many times here before, but the basic Tomica R35 is the best R35 you can get at “budget model” price, hands down. Forget the junk that is the Hot Wheels version; the only one that comes close is the Realtoy. The proportions are so accurate and the grille is among the best out there, at any price. This one is essentially that, but with a different paintjob. As a huge R35 fan, picking this one up was a no-brainer.


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