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Tomica Thursday: Lancia Stratos HF Rally by Tomica Premium

Hot little Italian rally pocket rocket!

I had a hard time finding these newer Premium vehicles, and was kinda grateful to find them together. I bought this along with the NSX Type R at a local departmental store, and even though I initially wanted to just buy the Honda, I caved in and eventually took home both the Jap sportscar and the little Lancia! And the fact there were only one each of the models made me fail to resist temptation.....

Anyway, back to the Lancia... Tomica has modelled it after the 1977 Rallye Monte Carlo winning machine piloted by Sandro Munari and co-driver Silvio Maiga. It is well proportioned and also well detailed. However, it’s missing some tampos (e.g. the driver and codriver names and some other sponsors) but at this scale and this price, I’d be nitpicking. The wheels are quite well replicated. The flip-up lights depicted popped up is also a cool touch.


It is definitely worth buying this, if you’re a big fan of old rally car scale model and toys. Glad Tomica added this to their Premium line, and I hope there will be more classic rally replicas coming soon...

Tomica Premium Stratos and its 1/43 brother from the Rally Car Collection magazine series

Thanks for viewing! Ciao~

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