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Tomica Thursday - TL Mark II

Tomica Limited line is sorely missed because of examples like this. Unfortunately the TP line cannot outright match the level attained by the sublime TL models.

This example of gen II Mark II Hardtop is almost as good as a TLV, if it was a curbside model with separate light inserts. Sadly the car that was brought forward generation by generation is now dead, and so is the die cast line (technically it is still alive but in a different avatar altogether).


The details are absolutely spot on, the wheels have treaded rubber tyres, and the casting is sparkling clean. What makes me go absolutely crazy over the model though are the steelies! Them steelieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!


Classic stuff from Takara Tomy.

Thanks for stopping by! It is almost Fri-yay, so have an awesome weekend ahead!

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