Big things with little cars

For those who are not familiar with this series (which I doubt) Tomica came up with their 1/64 Tomica Limited Vintage based on 50's and 60's Japanese cars targeted towards adult collectors with their realistic and accuracy for all models. They also eliminated working parts which are usually available in their regular series. I don’t exactly remember how I discovered the Tomica TLV but I do remember getting a few models at ToyEast website which is based in HK. I remember I was having 2nd thoughts about getting them due to the price for a small car (more expensive than M2 and Greenlight). But I’ve always wanted some of those vintage Japanese cars that were never available from any brand and that they look so realistic I decided to dig in and start with a few. Then I saw a few more that I like and coming from overseas I like to maximize on my shipping so ordered some more. And here’s part of my collections.


So what about you? Have you discovered the TLV?

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