I wonder what this week’s theme will be...

By the way, I didn’t forget. My plans last night got derailed by that 5-hour marathon of a World Series game. Worth it. If you missed it, your loss.

Today marks the first time in who knows how long that I’m posting something that isn’t 1/18. Small cars will be making a comeback, and what better way to start than with my favorite diecast brand? This week’s topic will be my top five Tomica castings. I’m talking about the basic Tomica line, not the fancy TLV stuff that’s been hyped to death. The regular stuff is what makes Tomica the brand it is: realistic casting choices, accurate proportions, exceptional quality and, hate it or love it, the signature button wheels.

Starting at the #5 spot is this, the Honda Civic Type R. This is my favorite generation of the Civic Type R. It’s a clean design with four doors and a big wing.


As you can see, the proportions are there. The detail is there, with clearly printed badge scripture on the back. None of that fuzzy, misaligned crap you see on HW and MBX cars. You can actually make out each distinct letter from these basic camera phone pics. Lights, front and rear, are painted in. This one features an opening bonnet as a bonus.


This Civic was also done as a Tomica Limited (also one of my favorite lines ever) release, with more detail and wheels true to the 1:1. Back in the day, $8 was a lot for me to spend on a 1/64, so I unfortunately had to skip it; seeing how much those are worth now, it’s a damn shame.

Putting it next to the current Type R, I think it’s a pretty easy call which one is better looking: