Numero tres. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

It’s just better than the Hot Wheels version, period.

This casting stuck around the lineup for a very long time before it was eventually retired. Hopefully those of you who wanted one didn’t miss it, because it’s a worthy pickup for the JDM/ricer/boyracer fans.


Tomica was very generous with the printing on this car. Wherever there’s black trim or grilles/vents, you better believe it’s painted in properly. Check out the minuscule “Lancer Evolution” script on the trunk. Opening doors are the play feature on this casting.


Also included in the regular line was the Evolution in British police livery, shown above. I don’t have the Matchbox version for comparison, but I would bet my money on the Tomica having the better overall shape.

Tomica also released the Evo X for the Chinese market, marked as “CN” on the box. The proportions stay the same, but the casting is smaller and loses the badges on the back, amongst other details. Basically, a cheapened version of the same model.


They did make the red Evo as a Tomica Limited, but I failed to pick that one up back in the day. However, they later put out a 2-car box set with the ones you see above, in British fire department and Malaysian police liveries. The latter is one of the best TL’s ever, in my opinion. I believe it’s also the last TL box set that was released before the line got scrapped altogether. Even with the complete lack of hype for these back in the day, this set was quite hard to find and disappeared quickly, perhaps due to a short production run.

It’s sad to see Tomica Limited go, but at least they went out with a bang.