Big things with little cars

For those of you that are not hunting for Tomica cars on eBay right now... the market is absolutely screwed up like crazy. Which makes gems like this 2000gt like a nugget of gold in a goldpanning plate. Sellers in Japan and China are flooding the market with Tomica cars new and old. But the pricing is going bonkers out of control with some normal models being listed for way more than they are worth. As a result... Vintage Tomica is now fast approaching HW vintage Redline status. eBay sellers in the U.S. are seeing these prices and following suit. So, it’s getting harder and harder to find nice vintage cars for reasonable prices. This 2000gt with minimal playwear was priced just right at $8.50 buy it now. So, I had to bring it into my diecast family.

I love the details and overall proportions of this car. It’s really great to look at and admire. All of the right Tomica quality points are there. I’m glad I snagged this because I don’t think I will see another one at that price while collecting. :)


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