As most of you know, I’m strictly a 1/18 guy. But I do occasionally deviate off the path. This time it is for a 1/66 Tomica Mazda Atenza, better known as the 6 in most parts of the world. My daily is a 6, and I’ve wanted a smaller scale for my desk at work for some time. I would have preferred a 1/43, but those cost almost as much as my 1/18. But my buddy Frosted pointed me toward the Tomica. For $8 shipped, it was a no-brainer. Tomica did a good job capturing the lines, and the tiny tampos are well done. The only fault I find is that they modeled the interior as though the car was a hatch, with the trunk area visible through the back window. Now to resist the urge to get the 1/43 anyway so I can have all the scales.