The title might be a little confusing, but at the time of composing this article, my day is also quite similar; in between Tuesday and Wednesday.

The car in question is one of the latest from Tomica Premium, which has churned up some really nice models in the recent past. This one is no exception.

This particular offering pays indirect homage to the Devil Z of Wangan Midnight fame. There is little to dislike.


The bonnet opens, but I prefer a completely shut 1/64 so it will stay like that. The panel gaps are huge but at this price it is unfair to really complain. I am thankful that the bonnet bore the brunt of opening parts and left the doors intact.


The usual wheel woes remain intact.


No other complaints at all, and a neat little replication of the Fairlady Z. A set of Real Rider watanabes can probably do wonders with this.

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