No, they’re not diecast, but everyone here loves LEGOs right? Picked these up at TRU last night. Apparently the McLaren wasn’t even supposed to be on the shelves for another week or two. The manager was kind enough to override the computer though since they had already stocked them on the display.

Moving on to diecasts, I was very happy to find these two wheel donors. I was actually going to type up a post once I got home last night to see if anyone had these wheels they’d trade. But TRU came through instead!


Oh, and I also found this guy. Have every regular TH released so far except for the Pedal Driver. Or has that not been released yet? I don’t know. Was hoping for the Viper $TH, but no luck. The manager said they get another truck in on Saturday, so I’ll be checking back. My luck with $THs hasn’t been nearly as good this year as it was last year. Anyways, enough of my rambling. Time to build! Goodnight all!