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Tony Stewart Owned Gentelman Ned Trowback

Mail day! First of all. I’d like to thank AlienProbe for recommending K-State Diecast. They really came in clutch overall. Added bonus of free shipping. They have some really good choices for cheap, like, surprisingly cheap. Here is the 2018 Clint Bowyer Darlington Trowback Color Chrome.

I know a lot of people say these finishes are not worth it because they would prefer a car that looks like a shrunken verson of the real thing. But it reminds me of spectra paint, so I love them.


This paint scheme is Based on Ned Jarrett’s car in the 60's. I believe David Ragan had one in 2011 when he was with Roush Racing but not quite like this. It just looks so crazy good on the Fusion. SHR always has some freat paint schemes.


Trying to be artsy by turning on the flash. Always like doing that. Thanks for watching LaLD. Have a nice afternoon.


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