Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

How do you hold small parts for sanding or grinding off metal without vise grip marks in the soft metal? I tried holding one in gloved hands and using my bench grinder, but it still got too hot to handle rather quickly. I got it done, but it was a long session of grind for 10-20 seconds, let it cool, grind again, cool again, etc...
Now, I have to do some fine shaping on the same piece using the dremel and the belt sander, while not losing layers of skin from abrasion or burns..
I’ve tried wrapping the jaws of my needle nose vice grips (my smallest) in tape, but that’s as good as wrapping nothing on them; the jaws just rip through the tape anyway.
I have larger tools with rubber tips for the jaws, but either they can’t grab a tiny item or they’ll crush it. Should I just go buy some more burn cream? Thanks...

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