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Took inventory

Tonight I did something scheduled for next week: car inventory.

See, I’ve found a few sellers of sintraboard display cases on Facebook—some with options for lighting the slots—and thought of counting up the castings I have in my collection to prepare the place where I can put them. The results are shown in the next photos.


Hot Wheels was the biggest group, with 69 (heh, nice) cars. This means I can go with an 80-slot case, though I reckon I have to plan long-term, what with the potential to have some more cars, so a 100-slot case may be more prudent. Disappointingly I only have two yellow cars (both of which are derelict) and three each of green and orange, though that might change once I manage to come up with some choice machine. Of the red cars, none are Ferraris. Criminal.

In second place is Tomica, with 26 cars. Although, that isn’t really all I have ever had, because between the unboxed group and the boxed group are many, many more Tomica that have been lost in time. Words have been written about that lost generation but they’re in a draft that I have barely gotten round to continue writing.


Rather embarrassingly, I only have five Matchbox, though not for a lack of trying, just that the licensed castings from them is difficult to find, and equally difficult is that I don’t have that many Matchbox that I like anyway. Still, that lineup needs to grow.


Finally, two Maisto and Majorette. But really, I prefer to see the latter get more parking space, not the least because Majorette is actually decent and has some cars I like.


And there we have it. A grand total of 104 cars, with room to expand to as high as 200 (???) this year. Doable, but I better hope inflation doesn’t jack up the prices some more.

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