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Top 10 Purchases of 2016

After Androoo posted his Top 10, I thought why not give it a shot?

With almost a decade of collecting, most who knows my hobby often tells me that I invest too much in these ‘toys’. Being a car guy as well as a collector is quite a deadly combination for our wallets alike.


The past year, I have been lucky enough to track down a great majority of my want list. So instead of doing a best of 2016, I’d rather do a Best Purchase of 2016. Because my main focus is on 1/18s, there are of course a few notable mentions in here. So without any further a do, I present you my list:

#10- AutoArt- Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6 (quite a mouthfull)

Last year wasn’t a great year for AutoArt. Having recently switched from diecast to composite while still offering these plastic fantastic models at the same prices, didn’t fair too well to collectors. However, the 6x6 did stood out. With its articulate suspension and detailed undercarriage, it sure took me by surprise. Although composite models do bother me quite a lot, they sure do have quite a shelve presence!

#9- Kyosho Ouisa- Lamborghini Aventador SV


The Kyosho SV was quite a surprise. I had no intention of purchasing this model... However, a great deal came up and I couldn’t resist. Although it’s a sealed model with wheels that are incapable of rolling, it is the only cast available until AutoArts version comes out sometime this year. If you are looking into one and don’t want to pay the premium for a composite SV, then this is definitely your go to.

#8- Grani & Partners- Ferrari 16M Scuderia


Ah yes... a Taiwan 7-Eleven exclusive! These models are absolutely amazing. Details are on par with the likes of Kyosho and Minichamps! The 16M remains one of my favorite cars ever, so when I heard this was part of their promotion, I had to get my hands on one. Ironically, I found this at a night market instead because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find one... I did however, found 3 458 Speciales..

#7- Grani & Partners- Lamborghini Aventador Roadster


Oh wait... ANOTHER 7-Eleven Exclusive! This is quite a fantastic model simply because it’s the only 1/64 roadster available. Sure there’s your hotwheels, Kyoshos and so forth, but as far as I know, none actually made a roadster version. I guess you can call me a fan of Aventadors....

#6- Grani & Partners- Ferrari 488 GTB


The 488 GTB was quite a nice surprise. When I got this model, I was shook how fast Grani & Partners got a hand of the Ferrari License simply because the real car came out only a month or so prior. Although the wheels are... a tad toyish and unrealistic, it’s still quite a fantastic cast. For those that are wondering who Grani & Partners is, well... they’re a small manufacturer that produces 1/64 the same way Kyosho does with their Ferraris. All the models come unassembled simply to avoid the diecast license that Maisto/Bburago now holds.

#5- AutoArt- Lexus LFA (1st Edition)


The LFA is actually quite an old model. For some reason, the prices on these first edition LFAs has since skyrocketed in value. You’d have a hard time finding one below its typical $400+ asking price. I had to break my boxless rule for this particular one simply because the deal was too great to pass up. Reason the model is on my top 10 list is because well... I love this car. That’s it :)

#4- Tomica Limited Vintage- Nissan GTR Nismo N-Attack


Ever had a car that took you to your happy place the first time you saw one? Well... that’s what the NISMO was to me when I first saw one back in 2012. It was in this exact shade and specification too. Sure it’s not exactly the best looking supercar out there, but TLV’s take is absolutely flawless. Ever wonder why someone would pay $30-100 for a Tomica? Well.. once you get your hands on one, I can guarantee you’d understand.

#3- Grani & Partners- Ferrari FXXK


I love Ferrari just as much as the next guy. It’s a signature. It’s well known. Literally anyone and everyone has heard of them. Hell, pretty sure my dog knows the brand. Anyways, the FXXK is as extreme as a Ferrari can get. With that in mind, Grani & Partners cast is stunning to say the least. Detail? flawless. Paint? Flawless. Wheels? Flawless. Interior? Flawless.

#2- CMC- Bugatti 57SC Corsica Roadster


This one’s quite a treat. CMC always delivers the highest quality of craftsmanship and finesse. The 57SC Corsica is no exception. This one has been on my want list for quite awhile. However with a price tag of $450, it’s not that easy to simply jump on the purchase. After seeing the model in real life, I can only sum it up in three words: OH. HELL. YES.

#1- Tomica Limited Vintage- Nissan Skyline 2000RS


This is another one that took me by surprise. I had no intentions of getting one.. however, during my trip in Taiwan this summer, I came across a whole wall of TLVs. Now maybe because the prices were pretty damn high ($650NTD = $20.5 USD), casts were plentiful. However, those who lives in the states know how damn hard it is to get ahold of these magical Japanese castings. With that said, this model shines with spectacular detail. Honestly, I didn’t expect to love this cast as much as I did. It just blew my mind how much detail Tomica was able to squeeze inside a model that’s less than the size of your palm.


Thanks for viewing, like always, feel free to comment and ask questions if you are interested in knowing more about a particular model on my list!

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