10 MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! This means the countdown has officially begun in my house! With that said, I’ll count down this year with my Top 10 Purchases of 2017!!! *Quite honestly been waiting all year for this post*

1. AutoArt Lexus LFA (White)

This one is without a doubt, the best purchase I’ve luckily been able to find this year. I’m sure those who regularly likes my IG page or follows who I collect, would most definitely agree. The white version specifically has been a holy grail of mine.. I missed a chance on one about 5 years prior but chose not to pick it up.. worse.decision.ever.

2. AutoArt Lexus LFA (Red)


Same goes for the red one, quite honestly, this colorway fits the car better as it shows off the lines and curves better than the white does. This one I got out of the blue because it was a partial gift from my family and if I were to only keep one, i’d likely keep this colorway for its sentimental value.

3. AGU Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX


For this, I could honestly say it took me my surprise. I didn’t even knew AGU was a company until lately. The AutoArt Lancer EVO IX has and will forever remain a holy grail for me. I am not about to spend roughly $700+ on a scale model. However... AGU came into the spotlight when I noticed a Carloversdiecast posting a preorder on one.. Needless to say, I jumped on two of them. Glad I did because they’ve proven to be quite valuable as well.

4. AutoArt Nissan R33 GTR Nismo


I have to give a huge shoutout to Androoo for this one. He came across a perfect example (albeit boxless) on eBay and posted it on LaLD. As I have often stated that the R33 generation’s without a doubt the best GTR gen out there, this one was a must. In comparison to other far more pricier AutoArts and newer pieces alike, this one’s surprisingly well detailed and trumps most AutoArts of the late. Need to mention that I got this for $85 shipped...when they typically go for somewhere double that price. Sometimes, boxless are the way to go!

5. Tomica Limited Vintage Mazda 787B


For those who owns one of these, you’d likely agree that this is one of the best TLV releases this year. Details are by far the best I’ve seen on any 1:64 to date. They run for ~$65 USD and rightfully so. I do have to mention because it’s to scale, the antennas on top were a pain to put on...it required tweezers, a magnifying glass and plenty of time as I’ve lost the antennas about 10 times while attempting to put them in.

6. AutoArt Lamborghini Murcielago SV


Let me just put it out there. The Murcielago SV is the best modern Lamborghini ever made. With its 661 hp, ridiculously hilarious MPG and the optional manual gearbox, it represents the epitome of modern supercars in my eyes. The model itself is no slouch either. DMW had them on sale this summer for ~100 shipped so I jumped on the rare opportunity. This here came from AutoArt’s golden era of model cars. Great detail, diecast, and relatively affordable compared to models of late.

7. Tomica Limited Vintage R35 GTR Police


To be frank, I’m not particularly fond of the current gen of GTR. Specifically because of its bulkiness. However, I do highly respect the performance figure. TLV has made countless variants and recolors that i’m sure Androo can provide with you. But of all of them, the Abunai Deka police version takes the cake. It’s spectacularly well made. To my knowledge, TLV made the rims for this variant only and it didn’t appear on any other version. As a result, along with the lights, orange interior and license plates, this is most definitely a winner.

8. Hotwheels HWC Datsun 240Z in Chrome Red


This specific one technically hasn’t been released yet. So what happened was Hotwheels apparently accidentally let a shipment of them out and a few retailers got their hands on a few of them. I was lucky enough to snag up two just in time before the scalper prices set in. The chrome red with black accents makes this the best version of the 240Z Hotwheels has made.

9. Hotwheels S2K Police livery (custom order)


I’ve made it pretty clear that I love S2K. In the beginning of the year, I made a goal of obtaining ever version, every color and every wheel variation of the casting available. I am proud to say that I have most definitely achieved so. With that said, custom orders most definitely have a place in my collection! I commissioned this specific one from a IG user @jdm_kidalex for an undisclosed amount. A month or so later, this glorious widebodied piece showed up at my doorsteps. With its insane details, handmade parts and custom turbo intake, this definitely deserves a place in my top 10.

10. Hotwheels Convention Honda S2K


Alas, my #10 this year. This specific casting was made for the LA Convention last year. It’s a to scale version of Ryu Asada’s 1:1 S2K with the watanabe rims and blacked out roof. The only thing I don’t like about this casting is the convention logo placement. It’s smack dab in the middle of the hood, so there’s no avoiding at. With the value of these closing in on ~$100+, definitely glad I have not one, but two in my collection!

Honorable Mentions:

This year, I’ll do it a little differently. There will be an honorable mention for each subcategories apart from the Top 10!


Best 1:64 Trade:

-Philip’s Honda S2K Monoposto


How can I not have a best of list without mentioning the spectacular Monoposto? The only and most important reason it’s not on the top 10 list is simply because it was a purchase. It was a trade Philip and I worked out a millennia ago. If I did purchase this specific custom, it would most definitely be placed on my Top 5 list!

Best 1:18 Trade:

-Kyosho R35 GTR Premium from Androoo


Ah.. Androoo once again. I did a trade with Androoo on this one for one of my three AutoArt Lexus LS600hL. Definitely glad I did so, as this is by far the most detailed 1:18 GTRs I have in my collection. Coming from an era of diecast models instead of the resin and composite variants companies are going for nowadays, this model definitely have some heft to it, which is never a bad thing.

Best Quirky Purchase:

-Soul Models Ariel Atom V8


This one was never on my radar. I didn’t even knew Soul Model existed until recently. Ck-Modelcars had this (actually, still do) for 50 euros so having a chance to add something rather unique and different to my collection was a must. After examining all the great details on the model, I gotta say...It’s well worth the price.

Best Mainline/Entertainment:

-Hotwheels R33 GTR/R34 GTR


Ah... two of the most well received releases this year, and rightfully so. The R33 takes the cake for best mainline this year simply because one, it’s my favorite GTR gen. and two, because it’s incredibly well made with both front and rear tampo. Who could ask for more?! The R34 from the Retro Entertainment series has been a forbidden fruit for a long time. I have literally found every other car within the series except for this one. Now words are that they appeared at Game Stop, so a quite check was in call. Fortunately, I finally found one! Although not before I acquired one through Chris Camshaft himself!

I hope you guys enjoyed my list this year! Now I implore you guys to choose your 10 top purchases of 2017 and share it with your fellow LaLDers!