I try to display as many of my cars as possible, but with the 1:18's eating up shelf space, the 1:64's end up being neglected. I buy them, open them, and stash them away in Jammer cases only to never be seen again. For once, I have the opportunity to give the small cars the shine that they deserve. Here are my top nine from 2018:

9.) Mazda RX-7 (FD3S), Tomica Limited Vintage

Truth be told, the best TLV release in 2018 was actually a diorama and not a car. The wheels are too big and the taillights are painted, so the RX-7 is far from perfection - which is what we should expect for a $25 model. Therefore, it gets the last spot on this list.

8.) Holden UTE SSV, Matchbox


Matchbox models, once again, proved very difficult to find because of poor distribution. The other day, I picked up the latest 5-pack at my local Target. The two standouts were the SLR McLaren and the Holden. Debating between the two, I went with the latter because of its awesome color + wheel combo. This is a casting I never collected when it debuted years ago, and now I realize I’ve been missing out.

7.) Toyota 2000GT, Tomica Premium


The Lexus LFA received some heavy consideration, but ultimately I decided that the 2000GT was better. The overall proportions and stance of this model are superior to the other Premiums.

6.) Dodge Charger Daytona, M2 Machines


My favorite series this year was M2's Coca-Cola line. They were absurdly overpriced, but their execution of the theme and use of colors were flawless. I could’ve went with any of the other models, but this festive, red-and-green Daytona was the best from the entire line.

5.) Mercury Comet Cyclone, Hot Wheels “Dragstrip Demons”


The return of the Dragstrip Demons theme was a huge shot of nostalgia for those who witnessed the originals back in the day. With its bold, patriotic color scheme, this “Psychlone” is my favorite from the series.

4.) Shelby Cobra Daytona, Hot Wheels “Circuit Legends”


I literally just found this piece yesterday, but I knew it was going on this list the moment I saw it in person. Despite the odd proportions of this casting, there’s no better combo than blue on white when it comes to Fords.

3.) Audi Sport Quattro, Hot Wheels


Model of the year from the blue brand, no question.

2.) Nissan GT-R (R35) LB Works, TSM/Mini GT


TSM took the diecast world by storm this year when it dove into the small scale world. I can’t seem to escape the damn things, as every other post I see on IG is one of these LB Works GT-R’s. Justifiably so, because the detail (particularly the wheels) is amazing for this scale. I’m not a member of the whole Liberty Walk cult, but I’m not saying no to Godzilla.

1.) Ferrari LaFerrari, Tomica


Every year I do these kinds of posts, it seems like a Tomica always makes the top of the list. It’s no different this year because no brand is more versatile. A quality children’s toy that’s still accurate to the real thing? You got it. A highly detailed adult collectible? Yessir. Playsets for the kids? Yup. Life-like dioramas for the grownups? That too. For a basic Tomica, this LaF is utterly amazing, with proportions and details that leave the Hot Wheels equivalent in the dust. With all of its swooping lines, it’s not an easy car to capture perfectly - but they got it done. All this on a model that’s geared for kids first and foremost. 

Congrats once again. Model of the year.