Happy New Years Eve fellow LaLDers! This just so happens to be the last post I’ll make this year so might as well end it with my top 5 1:18 purchases of 2018. Now, to begin with, I didn’t actually purchase a lot of 1:18s this year simply because one of my “diecast resolution of 2018" was to track down a few holy grails in the shape of Hotwheels and/or Tomica Limited Vintage Neo... and you bet your bottom dollars I did.

However, my heart and love for diecasts still resides in 1:18 models.. as they offer great detail at a somewhat affordable price range.

If you follow me on IG (@hy90_diecast) *shameless plug*, you would have seen my top 5 already.

#5 AutoArt Lexus LC500


Coming in at 5th place is AutoArt’s take on the rather glorious Lexus LC500. Now I would have chosen the red/tan interior colorway, but white would’ve fitted in well with my LFA and LS600hL in the same color.

#4 AutoArt Nissan Fairlady ‘Devil’ Z


This one caught me by surprise. I’m usually not a huge fan of tuned up JDMs but this is absolutely fantastic given it’s manga and movie history. In addition, this is one of the few diecast models that AutoArt actually released this year. On top of all that, the infamous watanabe rims seals the deal for me.

#3 AutoArt Lamborghini Murcielago SV (Celeste)


This one has been a holy grail of mine for a good part of my youth. Turquoise fits Lamborghinis incredibly well in my opinion. Given the carbon fiber accents and the alcantara inside, the light blue is definitely a nice contrast.

Now this colorway is actually one of the most sought after colorways for this model and rightfully so.. definitely glad I was able to find one below market price.

#2 BBR Ferrari F12 TdF


Ah. Yes. This is definitely a piece that I did not expect to buy. Though I missed out on the original release of these, I was able to grab one from a fellow collector here in Texas for a great price... although still a tad expensive in comparison to everything other 1:18s in my list today.

With that said, there’s a definite reason why this was priced at a slighty-higher price point. The immense attention to detail, flawless paint and the carbon fiber work on this model far exceeded my expectation.

You can read up my review here:


#1 AutoArt Mazda 787B LeMans Winner 1991

This one was by FAR the best haul I’ve had all year. This specific AutoArt has been sitting at the top of my want list for an awfully long time...in fact, I’ve had one in my eBay watch list for almost a year. However, what I did not expect, was seeing one just sitting on the shelves at my local Hobbytown USA. Best of all, I was able to grab this for $230.. which isn’t that far off from its original MSRP.


So that’s it! My Top 5 1:18 of this year. Hopefully 2019 will bring more fruitful additions to my collection.. starting out with AutoArt’s recent Mercedes G63 AMG (which just so happens to be my dream SUV).