Big things with little cars

After humbly caring for the infamous bug, it is back en-route to EL_ULY.

Torchbug in Budapest

Under my care Torchbug visited Penang, Malaysia; Shanghai, China; Budapest and Debrecen, Hungary; and San Jose, Arenal and Jaco, Costa Rica.


My plan is to blog each of these stops like we are suppose to, but here are a few pictures, with and without the little bug. I seem to have more in Hungary thananywhere else.

The Bug relaxing in the back of our 760Li taxi
The bug enjoying some goulash and palinka
No picture with, but he did see this rare, super special edition BMW in China
Saw THE Oppo store in Malaysia
The Bug is in the backpack, promise! It’s amazing how you forget to grab the little guy when taking in the sites.

Hopefully more to come once I can sit down and comb through the pictures and properly write post.  

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