Torchbug Update!

Wooow okay. It's been a rough and hectic last four or five days. I left Barcelona to go to a little town called Vic where I was the only English tourist and had to figure our Catalan. It's a great town. Go there during their festa mejor. It's amazing. Just don't be a dick! They had the best food, the best people and the best sights. The Torchbug liked it too.

Anyhow, before I left Barcelona, I found a hobby shop in the old town whilst wandering. I got two overpriced models there to join the Torchbug.

I went to Vic not knowing exactly which day of their festival I would arrive on. I chose the right day for sure. They did their (awfully pagan) fireworks and their gegants celebration. The fireworks are amazing. They dress up as devils and light giant sparkler things and dance around to a very cultural drumbeat. There's also a couple of fake animals they fit with spark-producing fireworks that sweep the crowd. It's kind of like Halloween in spirit. It's also incredibly fun.

The Torchbug was hiding in my camera bag during that part.


And especially this part. There was also a dragon that they put the beefier fireworks in. It had a long neck so they could reach those hiding on balconies. I really liked how they got close and made you nervous, but they didn't get out of hand and become jackasses like we would have done in America. There is no chance legislation would allow this in our country, but they let it happen here because the people are so responsible and actually give a shit. Vic is the greatest place.

Oh wait, looks like Torch got lit... Should have kept a closer eye on him.


Afterwards my group (not a tour group, god forbid. More travel companions) headed over to a restaurant we had some incredible patates bravas at earlier for dinner. Pro tip: if you go to Catalunya, speak a little Catalan. It gets you free dracula. That's a strawberry/pomegranate drink (maybe alcoholic, but we couldn't tell) that is served in ice cream cone style cups. Bon.

Here's the little guy at lunch the next day. He caught world cup fever.


These are called gegants, and they're one of the highlights of the festival. Ten different Catalunian towns brought theirs to Vic for a little pow-wow type thing. Someone was checking them out.



This is not Gaudi. This is much, MUCH better.


Barcelona hospital. My 2nd favorite place I've seen after Vic. Leaving Barcelona tomorrow for la France. I just have one more place to take the Torchbug in Barcelona-Catalunya...


Oh yeah. Excitement.