Like many small town this month we had our local shin-dig and while I was taking a break from the car show I took a stroll through the event to see if anybody was selling some diecasts as there is usually a small bin of them. This year some guy was clearing out his collection and had probably around a 1000 cars on display in a very organized manner. I started looking and came away with 10.....very hard not to buy more. The cars I did grab were some of my favorite casts in very simple paint jobs. All the cars were $1 except the Hover!

Some/all will be DLM’d eventually when I make some room. I filled up my clear cases....again lol

Group shot

So happy he had this one, I was afraid I was never to find one. My favorite of the HAWL

Buick GN in black?...I think so!


I don’t think I have a single version of this car so it was a must! 2006-2008 seemed to have tons of great muscle and classics!

Boulevard 57 Chevy....for rear just a dollar!!!


62 Chevy in the sinister black on black. The amber tinted glass is awesome and I will try to get a better shot some day.

One of my all-time favorite castings of one of my all time favorite cars. I have a yellow version but this black was a must!


Thunderbolt in simple white!!! Damn unicorn if you ask me!


Beautiful blue Talladega!

Maverick grabber as I do not have a single version of this


Clean blue version of the Falcon XB!