The members of the car club met yesterday and each member wrote a review about the Japan Historics (2) Mazda RX-3

Each member is 8 years old, here are some of the reviews...Enjoy...:

President of the club-I like it because it has real rider tires. I also like the spoiler. I like the roll cage. I don’t like the orange color and the splitter is too big on the front. Also, it doesn’t have any side mirrors. I also don’t like the large fat tires on the back of the car. It should have a race number since it has a roll cage. If I owned this car I would not sell it and use it for doughnuts for fifty years. If I’m not already dead by then.

Vice President: I like it because it has rubber tires. But I don’t like it because Mazda isn’t the greatest. The color is great! If I owned this car I would do burnouts for 5 hours.

“E”-It looks slow, I hate the rubber tires. It is very bright.

“C”- It is very orange, the rubber tires make it slow.

“A”-..I would break it, make it smell and bury it. I hate it.