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Toy Show in Jackson, Michigan [HAWL]

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Details of my toy show hawl!

I recently started collecting the Hallmark Trucks series the last three years, and I discovered that they have a Classic American Cars series that goes back to 1991, of which this is the first car in the series, a ‘57 Corvette.
Online prices are almost in the triple digits, so I was happy to add this to my collection for just $10. I can’t wait to get more of these. To date I have the first and last, the 1991 and the 2018. The trucks series starts in 1995, but I only have the 2016, 2017, and 2018 of that series.
I picked up several loose cars, including this Lamborghini Countach LP500S that was a 1995 Tony’s Pizza promotional. The dark tinted glass sets it apart from the red Park N Plates car. Color me $2 poorer.
This Zender Fact 4 was a 1995 Hormel Foods promotional car. I didn’t think $2 was too bad.
This 1992 Hiway Hauler was a 1994 Hormel Foods promotional, another mail order only in baggie type that I grabbed for $2.
This 1992 Hiway Hauler was part of the 1995 Hormel Foods promotional, and HW Wiki says it was mail order only in baggie. Not too shabby for another $2.
A HW off road classic, this Gulch Stepper was a 1995 Hormel mail in promo, bought for $2.
I’m sure many of you remember Shock Factor, but I didn’t know they made a version that emulated the Super Nintendo (SNES) game Stunt Race FX! It was supposedly a mail in promo for the game which also came out around the same time in 1994. It was only $1.
This ‘80s Firebird was a 1992 Chuck E. Cheese promo car. My guess is they had so many made to give away as ticket prizes. I never had a prize this nice from Charles Emerson Cheese, but I do now! $3 made it mine.
This Nissan Hardbody 4x4 was a 1994 Kraft Foods mail in promo, $2.
Another Nissan Hardbody, this time a 1994 Kool-Aid mail in promo, $2.
This ‘93 Camaro was a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy that appeared in 1993. I still have the Duracell battery version. Easy to pull the trigger for $1.
Part of the Totally Toy 1993 Holiday set, this ‘57 Bel-Air “Tattoo Machine” was also a McDonald’s happy meal toy, also $1.
Here’s another McDonald’s happy meal toy, 2 Cool, which I still have my childhood version of. Mine is rough though, so it was neat to find another for $1.
I was lucky enough to find a Zee Toys / Zylmex / Zyll Jaguar XJ-S, a Dynawheels #D86, just like my old childhood example. They seemed to go away from this style of wheel in the early nineties when I was very young, and I used to have this exact car, so it was easy to spend the $1.
Finally I have another Stomper! This one’s an S-10 Chevrolet, an exciting find for $1 even if it’s not perfect. Now if I can only find the Dodge Rampage like I had when I was little..
I used to have this MC Toy (May Cheong) 1:43 scale Testarossa pull back racer when I was little also.
I vividly remember the working headlights, operated by a connected lever under the front air dam.
Onto the carded stuff, I bought four cars from the 1993 Demolition Man cryo cube movie set, that were supposed to be $3 each, but because I bought all 4 I got them for a total of $10. Here’s the Pontiac Salsa.
The Corvette Sting Ray III from the 1993 Demolition Man set.
The Buick Wildcat from the 1993 Demolition Man set.
The Olds Aurora from the 1993 Demolition Man set.
The Olds Aurora from the 1994 HW mainline, which cost me $2-3.
Apparently this 1994 Malt-O-Meal mail in promo came in this special unpunched card. It was only a few dollars so another easy decision.
I didn’t realize that the first edition of the Buick Stocker was this 1991 Roses Discount Store promo, also a few bucks which I didn’t think was too bad either.
The Pontiac Stocker put on this Auto Palace AC Delco livery for a 1993 promotional, also had for a few bucks.
I was excited to finally find a Lumina APV, from the 1998 mainline. At $4, I couldn’t complain. As it turns out, it was the last release of this casting.
A sentiment shared with this last casting rendition, the Z31 Nissan 300ZX. This one’s from the 1996 mainline, and was had for a few bucks.
As you probably know by now, I was a Chuck E. Cheese kid in the early ‘90s, so I had no problem pulling out a $5 bill for this “Special Limited Edition” Roll Patrol Jeep YJ Wrangler from 1992.
On an interesting short card, I found the Vector “Avtech” WX-3 from the 1994 mainline. I’ve always found the Vector cars to be beyond exotic, even more obscure than your “average” exotic car. A few bucks nailed it.
This three pack was a 1995 Little Debbie promo that was easy to grab for $6 because I passed on an previous example that was $15+.
I was also happy to finally have #MB51 added to my collection, as I did not yet have a Firebird SE until now. Matchbox forum says it is # MB 51 E and was in the range from 1984-1989. It cost me a few bucks. I’m not sure how much exactly, but it was around $2-4 or I wouldn’t have bought it.
I found the last missing piece to this JL series from a while back. Love the colors on this. I also wanted to grab the Auto World Buick Estate, but not for the $12 minimum I saw it for there.
Back in 1997, my late grandfather nearly bought a ‘93 40th Anniversary Corvette at the Bloomington Gold Corvette show when I was 11. It was a 300 hp LT1 6speed manual coupe (not the 405 hp LT5 ZR-1 as shown) but he never bought it. He did finally buy an ‘89 roadster two years before he died so he got to be a Vette owner, but this was the one that almost was, yet wasn’t. These 20+ year old Maisto 1:18s had a “$15 each” sign. I was sold. That 40th logo and ruby red paint still bring back memories ...
I couldn’t believe that these 1988 Buick dealer promo cars were only $3 a piece! There were a lot of promo cars at the show, mainly from the ‘50s and ‘60s, but these were the only malaise era cars there and they were cheap.
‘88 Reatta. Timeless malaise classic.
Even though the bodies are plastic, they are quite detailed.
The Reatta appears to share a steering wheel with the Fiero, among many many other GM cars.
I noticed the tires were starting to whiten on the Regal, but no matter. Still an insanely cool model!
The chrome and lense coloring are magnificent on these.
I absolutely love this era of cars. I’m going to buy all of these that I can manage to find.
Lastly, I bought a couple of old Car & Driver mags, one from January 1975...
...and one from October 1964.

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