Toyota Camry - Nascar style

My coworker Kim knew I usually display my die cast collection at my desk as seen on my hour rule. Being a Nascar fan, she then decided to bring her son’s prized possession, a 1/24 Kyle Busch Action Racing M&M Toyota Camry to show it to me.

I never saw a 1/24 Nascar die cast up close till now. This thing is a beauty. I wished I could unscrew it and roll it on my desk.


She said their family bought this while attending a NASCAR race. Her son then lined up to have it signed by Kyle. He was only signing 8 cars at that time and her son just happened to be the 8th person so he made it. With her permission here are some more pictures.

I know it’s hard to see but there is a signed autograph by Kyle Busch on the windshield.

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