Yes, I know it’s Friday, but I found these yesterday!!!!!!

The extra Datsun I had to grab. Debating on whether to leave one carded or put it up for trade. Depends on what the trade is I guess. The extra 964 is for a custom because this car can look so much better. And the extra 935 is up for trade. I’m already working on a trade with someone, so they have first dibs on it. I’ll update here if they decline it.


I can’t believe I found the full case on the pegs in Walmart!!!! That’s unheard of around here. The last time I found fresh box of Japan Historics on the pegs, the Datsuns had already been snatched while everything else was left behind. So I’m super excited to be able to snag the Datsuns this time! DLMing will be coming soon...