Meijer restocked with SEVERAL pegs of Car Cultures so I had to grab a set. I have one extra 510 as well, if anyone really wants the whole set. If you REALLY want more, I can probably get more- I don’t assume all the pegs will be empty in one day.

1/64 Trade want list:

I’m looking for weird old stuff, M2/GL pickups, vans, 4x4s & campers; early 60's stuff like HW ‘64 Dodge; JDM classics like MBX hakosuka, redlines hakosuka, RX-3; malaise compacts & imports like Omni 024, matra rancho, etc; old minivans; HW Seville; oldish concept cars, Simpsons car (pink)...

or maybe even just more interesting trade bait. What do you have?