Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Trade Bait

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The VW wagon is not definitely up for trade. I’m still debating on that one. But the right offer might temp me to part with it since it doesn’t necessarily fit with my collection.


Additional stuff I have up for trade, but not pictured: 16 Angels $TH, Mystery Pack Golden Batmobile Tumbler, Mystery Pack Golden Corvette, lots of Car Culture stuff, lots of more recent mainlines.

I’m looking for older HW and MBX stuff, as well as some GL or Tomica stuff. Specifics off the top of my head are:

- HW Toyota Off-Road Truck $TH
- MBX Best Of series
- MBX Afla Romeo Giulia
- MBX Audi wagon
- MBX Mercedes G-Wagen Polizei
- MBX Audi R8
- MBX Porsches (many variations)
- HW Bugatti Veyron (Red/Black)
- HW R32 Skylines (I’m missing some variants)
- MBX Volvo C30
- MBX Volvo XC90
- MBX National Park Service casts
- GL Mercury Marauder
- GL Dodge Charger Florida Highway Patrol
- GL Black Bandit GTR
- GL U.S. Forestry Service casts
- GL Motorworld Pontiac Trans Am CE


I’m open to plenty of other stuff though so just let me know what you have. The worst I can say is no, hahaha.

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