It’s been a long time coming, but I am finally going to make a trade bait post. I have some trades that have been pending for awhile, so if those are still possible, they will have priority. Just remind me if I am in progress with you. I am willing to do international trades as well, just keep in mind about shipping costs. If several come up, I will have to space out the shipping due to limited funds, but they will all happen.

Wants: Mustangs and Porsches. I have most of the latest Hot Wheels, but I’m willing to look at what you have to offer regardless of what cars they are. All diecast brands considered as well as all scales.

Finally, I am looking for the STH Mustang Boss 302 and the STH Mustang Fastback (2+2) from last year. Other STH Mustangs will be considered. In trade I have the STH Porsche 993 GT2 or the STH Dodge Charger Daytona available. I would be willing to trade those for something else spectacular also. So get your trades ready and be on the lookout for that post tomorrow. International hopefuls, don’t be discouraged by time differences as I may have extras I might let go of, too. Everybody, let me know own if you’re looking for something in particular and I may be able to locate it.

And to keep this diecast centric, a picture of that beautiful red 510 wagon.

Thanks for looking and hope to see online you tomorrow.