I don’t know if I should trade or have a garage sale. Here are the cars I am trying to get rid of. I was going to give these to my son but, instead I bought him a ton of construction and fantasy vehicles. I have more cars but it’s late and I’m too tired to take more pics. I’m willing to trade several cars for 1 valuable car. Sorry, USA trades only since I dont want to end up spending tons of money on shipping (I don’t know how to ship overseas for cheap).







Below are cars I’m looking for.

I don’t have everything I want listed because there’s too many or maybe I don’t know that the variation exists. Most images were taken from the HW and MBX wiki pages (thanks!). Of course, I like Tomica and Kyosho also (who doesn’t?) It is my quest to get each variation of the cars I really like. Don’t laugh at my wish list. I know some of the cars listed are ‘valuable’ and I’ll probably have to buy them on ebay instead.







I prefer trades and cars in good condition.

Trades: we each pay shipping to be fair.

Buying: I prefer trades but if you don’t have a car I want then you can purchase and you pay shipping. If the LADLer before or after you wants the same car and he has a car for trade that I really need, he gets priority.



Green dodge srt10 viper act

Gran turismo r32 gtr

(maybe 3 of the gt3 Porsches)

3:58am-Kimba the diecast lover—

Gl Ford bronco

Gl jeep wrangler ( not decided which one)


2 HW 51 Chevy pickups

Matchbox corvette grand sport

Gl police bronco


Civic ef hatchback

Swedish chef can

Blue flame Studebaker

4 matte black metro police chargers

Retro entertainment yellow truck

9:01am-Camshaft Chris—

White gt3 if Howard doesn’t want

Silver gt3 if Howard doesn’t want

White 914

White 928

Le Mans GT1S

Yellow C6.r


Old el paso super van

Swedish chef can if pixel doesn’t want

Dodge power wagon

Bugs bunny delivery vehicle


Twix combat medic


Maroon Matchbox 911 Turbo (if Howard doesn’t want)

Red Matchbox Volvo P1800

Both Matchbox RS200's

Matchbox Stakebed truck

Green Hotwheels Viper GTSR (XMAS version)(if Howard doesn’ want)