Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
Illustration for article titled Trailer Tuesday: Secret Super edition (with Tuetonic bonus!)

I’ve been busy the last few days finishing my daughter’s Christmas present (I built her a play kitchen). But my Secret Super came in yesterday, so I wanted to take a quick break and show it off.


This amazing Dodge D-100 and Shasta Airflyte Hitch and Tow came courtesy of Roundbadge. I’ve had no luck finding a Shasta on the pegs, and I was so excited to get it I didn’t think to take a pre-DLM picture. It looks amazing and rolls beautifully! He also included this really cool Tomica Porsche 356. I think this is a very jaunty looking combo, all in matching red :)

Thanks Roundbadge, I love them!!!!

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