Big things with little cars

Treasure Hunt & revelation.

On the way home I stopped by TRU to see about the new Race day series, (did not get NSX or 962, but a worker noticed me looking and asked if he could help me find anything......

Then asked if was was looking for T-Hunts and I said I was just kind of looking. And then asked if I wanted a Treasure Hunt.


He didn’t say which one, so of course I reply sure if you have one. And he brings it out after a minute or two. We chat and he’s been collecting since ‘95 has 4500 on card boxes and gives his kids (4 boys of 7) duplicates 10-15 at a time occasionally or Christmas time.

Although I appreciate it, he must have already had one, I’d guess. And he said he hadn’t seen the Race day series I was wanting.

What threw me for a loop is he says T-hunts like this are worth $45, and I down played it like it can’t be that much but he insisted. Hmm.

I guess I won’t be hunting there for any more T-hunts or $upers.


Happy Hunting.

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